A few important reminders

I hope you have had a great Easter. As our terms starts again tomorrow 16 April, I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone about the following:

  • Grooming and Uniform
    • All hairstyles should be suitable and tied back – a bun for ballet and smart grooming for other subjects.
    • Tights for ballet, modern and tap should be of an acceptable standard and repairs made.
    • No baggy t-shirts or sweatshirts for syllabus classes. However, these are OK for jazz and street.

This is all part of the discipline and training at the school, and helps the students with their overall performance.

  • Terms and Conditions
    • Can I remind everyone of our T&Cs (available to read in full on our website here):
      • Payment terms – fees are due at the beginning of each term, otherwise we will have to charge interest on late payments
      • Other dance schools – it has been brought to our attention that some students are attending other dance schools and having lessons in subjects taught at Tozer. As stated in our T&Cs, this is not allowed because of a conflict of interest in teaching methods. If any student chooses to attend another dance school, they will unfortunately be unable to continue at Tozer.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Haynes