First Aid and Fire Safety Policies

First Aid Policy

It is understood that first aid will be administered to students when deemed necessary.
Accidents and injuries will be recorded in the accident book and a copy given to the parent / carer upon collection.
In the case of an emergency, and if the parent/guardian is absent, it is understood that teachers will act as loco parent is where necessary.

Fire Evacuation Policy

If the fire alarm sounds OR If a fire is discovered:

  • Evacuate immediately using the nearest available fire exit.
  • Do not stop to pick up any personal possessions. Do not stop to shut windows, but the last one out of a room should ensure that the door is firmly closed.
  • Staff will ensure all students get out of the building and will take the class registers with them to the fire assembly point.
  • The fire assembly point is the car park at the front of the studios where Staff will undertake a roll-call.
  • In the event of the alarms sounding for a false alarm the fire marshal will establish the cause for the alarm and check that rooms are safe prior to anyone returning into the buildings.
  • In the event that the fire alarm is for a genuine fire the fire emergency services will be called.

All policies are reviewed annually 

Signed on behalf of:                            Lindsay Haynes & the Tozer Staff Team 

Dated:                                                 July 2020