Street Dance Audition Reminder

Just a quick reminder that we will be holding auditions during the Junior and Senior Street Dance classes this Saturday 24th September to create a Junior & Senior ‘Tozer Street Dance Crew’.

To reassure you, there won’t be formal auditions as such. Gaz will just be watching how the children perform during the normal street dance classes and selecting those for the Dance Crew during the class.

If any child does not want to audition for this, please can they ensure they make that known to Miss Haynes and Gaz at the start of the class.

And just to remind you, for those who are successful, special extra dedicated classes for training will be on Tuesday evenings at the following times:

                              Junior (age 7-12yrs) 6.30-7.30pm

                              Senior (13+) 7.30-8.30pm

These classes will be taken by Gaz and guest teachers at a reduced cost of £5 a week per person.