Be A Star In An International Dance DVD With The ‘Young Theatre Company’

This Saturday, 1st October at Tozer studios, The Young Theatre Company are holding an audition for their DVD Theatre productions. Tozer students have been performing on these DVDs for several years and the DVDs are distributed internationally as an education source along with their incredible theatrical scripts.

This opportunity does not come around very often and those who have been chosen before benefit enormously in helping with confidence in performing and experience of working in front of TV cameras.
Please encourage your children to audition on Saturday at 4.15pm after Junior Street Dance in Studio 2. It will be a fun audition – all you need is a ‘smiley expressive face’…

The age category is 7-12 yrs boys and girls and you must be available for filming on Sunday 16th October.
Please email either person below to put your child’s name forward and get their friends involved too! Please go for it it’s great fun and you get to have your own copy of the DVD!

Email details – [email protected] or [email protected].