We have an audition for Tozer Street Crew next Tuesday, 29th November at 5.45pm at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham. This involves all Juniors and Seniors in the Crew. (Only Street Crew members – not applicable to other pupils who take street dance lessons). (Street Crew – please research ‘Breakin Convention’ for background to this prestigious performance).

Everyone must be outside the entrance to the Royal Concert Hall (opp TGI Friday’s) at 5.20pm. Please wear the clothes you had for ‘Unite the Scene’. Hopefully you will be able to lift share if you are having trouble getting into Nottingham. Lessons at Tozer will be adapted to accommodate the audition, full details to follow.

The audition will only take approximately 10 mins so parents will need to wait and bring students back to Tozer if they have lessons afterwards.

This is a fantastic opportunity and we are very privileged to get an audition slot. Thanks to Gaz for applying on behalf of Tozer Studios.