Show News

Tickets are now on sale for the Tozer Show on April 1st and 2nd.
The title of the show is ’Our Tribute’.
The theatre box office number is 01623 633133.

All preschool, pre-primary, primary Ballet/Modern will be finished at the interval so if you wish to see the whole show, a ticket will need to be purchased for them for the 2nd half and collected from the stage door at the interval. We will not be able to chaperone any children who are not in the 2nd half of the show.

Please make sure you have all the rehearsal times noted for half term as we hope to get back on schedule during these intense rehearsal slots, currently we are behind due to several absences and general recapping of forgotten work previously choreographed. This can happen and we are all doing our best to create a great show for April.

A reminder that rehearsal fees for half term are £5 per rehearsal ( i.e if 3 rehearsal slots attending this will be £15). Payment in cash or cheques payable to Tozer Show account. Payments can be made by cheque for daily rehearsals or lump sum for all rehearsals attended in half term.

The number of chaperones/parental help on the day of the shows is still a concern as we do not have enough, so if you can help and out have a current cleared DBS certificate then let us know asap. The show will not be able to go ahead if we are low on help. The council have said we have enough licensed chaperones, as long as recruit more hands to help the chaperones.

Thank-you to those who have so far volunteered. Please note that if you do help it will be unlikely that you will be in charge of your own child, but helping with 6-8 children. The council will have a list of all students taking part and who has been assigned to chaperone them. The regulations have been tightened and I’m sure everyone will agree that this is fundamental to ensure all children are safeguarded.