Show Weekend Details – more information

Following the email sent last Friday, there have been a number of queries and so hopefully this email provides further clarity with regard to the show this weekend:

  • No rehearsal this Friday

As we have a long weekend ahead, there will not be any rehearsals on Friday this week (31 March). Please ensure all pupils get an early night.

  • Primary Grade 1 Modern and Ballet

The above pupils (who are not in the tap number), can be collected from the stage door at 2.30pm on Saturday. They need to be returned to the theatre at 6.15pm.

  • Make Up

Some parents have asked how to apply the make up. There are various tutorials on You Tube as per the make up email sent on 15th. Here’s one to have a look at.
Please note, this is a guideline and you can use your own products – don’t need to get the exact ones in footage.

Also, on Saturday, children do NOT need to arrive wearing make up – although they should have their hair done as previously advised. Make up will be applied before the show. However, the Grade 1 Modern and Ballet pupils mentioned above who are returning at 6.15pm, should return wearing make up with their hair done.

  • Ribbons on Silver Dresses for Rockin Robin

To clear up any confusion, the red bow should be sewn on top of existing silver one (see image below). You can remove the button or leave on and sew the red bow over the top.







  • Braces on Clown Outfits (for grades 2 and 3 tap)

Please take off the silver buckles and sew the elastic to the trousers in an appropriate place. Suggest you pin the elastic in place while your child is wearing them to ensure they are in the right place before sewing.

  • During the Tech Rehearsal on Saturday

It is a long day so do send children with appropriate things to do such as reading books, card games, colouring books and pencils, quiz books etc.

If your child brings electronic devices they do so at their own risk.
And to reiterate, no photography or filming is allowed during rehearsals or backstage.

  • DVD of the show

Order form envelopes have now been handed to some students. Those who haven’t received one can pick one up on Saturday from the stage door. Please return them with payment by the end of the show on Sunday.