News and dates

GCSE Dance
This evening at 6.30pm is the GCSE Dance presentation of work. An informal invitation to all parents of the GCSE students to come to the studio and share some of the work studied throughout the first year of the course (other students who do not take GCSE Dance are also welcome to watch). Please be aware it will be hot in the studio, but refreshments will be provided. The evening will finish around 8pm.
Exam coaching
Begins this week in preparation for the Modern and Tap exams. Please do your best to get the students to all the lessons as it has an impact on their ability to feel confident and prepared for a successful exam.

Staying rehydrated at the studio
Last Saturday some children had come to lessons without any water. In the summer months please make sure they have a bottle of water which can be refilled if necessary.

Private Vocals
I appreciate pupils have missed some private vocal lessons due to the birth of baby August Cahn earlier this month. We are aware of this and more details will follow.

Saturday 8th July Showcase
This takes place on 8th July with two performances at 2pm and 4pm (two separate performances due to space). The students will present some work to parents and families and it will be a fantastic round up of the term to share with you the progress of the students – even since the show back in April. (Please note, classes will run as normal until 1.30pm on that day.)

We have decided to make this a fundraising event for the Rosie May/Sri Lankan orphanage Charity. An ex student, Chloe Senior, is off to the orphanage to volunteer and would like to take a donation with her from our fundraising activities. The coffee morning was very successful and managed to raise £145 which was a great start! Thank you to all the parents who bought cakes and donated.

For the showcase, tickets will be sold at £2.50 each which includes a drink and a great deal of entertainment from the Vocal groups, Street dance crew and classes along with some demonstrations from the Ballet, Jazz and Tap classes. Tickets will be on sale from Mrs Lynn from Monday 26th June.
Please send in money in a envelope with the students name, how many tickets and which performance (2pm or 4pm) you would like to see.

If your child is unable to perform on Saturday 8th July, please let us know as soon as possible as this effects the settings of the work being rehearsed.

Please note that the last day of term is Saturday 15th July.
Tozer’s Got Talent
A reminder this is taking place on Sunday 9th and 16th July – more details will follow