Details of Saturday showcase

Saturday 8th July Showcase
This is an informal sharing of work studied since the show.
Junior Vocal class will open the performance followed by various presentations of Ballet, tap, Modern, Jazz, a street dance mini workshop – ending with the Senior and Inter vocal group. The performance should last just over an hour.
The second performance begins at 4pm. Everyone is required to do both performances unless prior notice has been given.
Please make sure the students have a snack and drinks with them.

Normal classes on Saturday 9.00-1.30pm.
Those not in morning classes, please arrive for the showcase at 1pm dressed ready with hair in a suitable neat hairstyle for first showing at 2pm.
Costumes/uniforms needed 
Junior Jazz: Black leggings (boys-black shorts or jogging bottoms) and a bright plain coloured t-shirt, no shoes required.
ALL Vocal Groups:
Black plain t-shirt and plain black leggings, jeans or jogging bottoms.

Those performing in Ballet, Street dance workshop or Modern/Tap numbers should wear normal class uniform.
(Please no holes in tights etc and trainers for Street dance)
We shall be holding a raffle on Saturday and all proceedings will go to the Rosie May Foundation in aid of the orphanage in Sri Lanka.

Tickets for showcase
Please purchase your tickets from Mrs. Lynn (£2.50pp)
If Mrs. Lynn is not around the studio area during this week she has asked that those wanting to purchase tickets can do so by visiting her at the Annexe (the bungalow) next to the field of
cows!…anytime except Tuesday after 7.30pm.
We cannot reserve any tickets so please purchase from Mrs. Lynn before Saturday.