Modern & Tap exam coaching Thursday 13th July

Due to unforeseen circumstances the exam coaching planned for Thursday cannot go ahead and will be postponed to Sunday 16th July. All original times will remain the same for the Sunday practice…

4.30-5.15 Grade 1 Tap
5.15-6.00 Grade 2 Tap
6.00-7.00 Grade 3 Tap
7.00-8.00 Grade 5 Tap
8.00-9.00 Grade 6 Modern

Sincere apologies for this and the short notice.

If anyone is unable to make Sunday, please let me know by email to [email protected]

There will also be a lesson offered on Monday 17th July (late afternoon/evening) for those wanting to practice for their exams on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thank you for your understanding with this.