Autumn Term Newsletter


I hope everyone has had a great summer break and a warm welcome to all our new students this term. As usual at Tozer we have a packed term ahead with Ballet exams, Modern & Tap exams, Musical Theatre Exams, GCSE Dance moderations, Minster Cathedral performance & the Street-Dance event ‘Unite the scene’ All these events involve rehearsal time above & beyond normal core timetable.


In July we had 43 students take Modern/Tap exams and achieve the highest sets of results in the history of Tozer. 100% pass rate as usual with 98% receiving a distinction mark. The highest grade was 98 Marks with several achieving over 90 marks. Well done to all the students & Staff for their dedication, practise and hard work! We are all immensely proud of each student.

All those students will now progress onto the next grade full of confidence for new challenges ahead.


Assessments have been taking place this week, ready for exams later this term. Those students who are selected must commit to all lessons as well as the exam coaching as far as possible & if they are not attended in full, the student/s potentially will not reach the required standard & risk withdrawal from the exam resulting in loss of all fees. The coaching ensures each student fulfils their full potential with a smooth progression into the next grade. Ballet, Modern/Tap exams will take place in October, November & December. See below -key dates.

Exam selection is at the discretion of the staff who have a wealth of knowledge, experience & background work of the subject/exam process. Decisions are made with the child’s best interest at heart and if your child is not selected this indicates that they will need more time & entered in the next session. All students work & develop confidence at different levels, this is to be respected for each candidate under consideration irrespective of how long they have been in the grade or previous results.


We have been invited to perform at the Minster on Saturday 28th October at 11am.

This is a huge honour for us as we are the only school in this area to be selected. Performing in the Cathedral is a unique & treasured experience. The performance will involve some of the Inter & Senior Vocal group students & selected dancers. If you are an Inter or Senior Vocal student please advise immediately by email if you are away during October half term as soon as possible. Rehearsals will be in half term.

‘UNITE THE SCENE’ 2017 Street dance charity event

This is an annual charity performance, created and organised by our own Street dance teacher Gaz and all Tozer Street Crew will be performing in Nottingham this year on 24th November. More details will follow near the time.


Our Tozer show occurs every two years, but we will be holding a Winter showcase next term  Sunday 28th January 2018 and this will combined with our Prize-giving event. Venue & times to be confirmed soon.


Our terms and conditions are displayed on the notice boards at the studios and on the website. It is very important that each term these are read and absorbed to save issues arising in the future. Please read carefully the terms of changing a subject or discontinuing at the school as this may incur extra unnecessary fees throughout the year.

Please can all fees be paid at the very start of the term to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment in chasing at the end of the term and interest on overdue fees. Direct debit facilities are available, please see Mrs. Lynn to activate. There will be no fee increase this term for core lessons apart from group vocal lessons which are now £85 per term and Gcse Dance, as notified on last terms invoice will increase by £2 a lesson.

As it’s the start of a new academic term it is a good opportunity to remind everyone of the standards expected with uniform, discipline & behaviour within the school. We generally have an excellent standard, however the neatness of hairstyles for classes can be improved. All hair must be in a bun for ballet and appropriate styles for other classes off of the face and neck.

Key Dates:

  • Modern & Tap exams-Tuesday 17th October
  • Exam coaching begins week beginning 25th September
  • Sunday 15th October last exam coaching for Mod/Tap exams
  • 2nd cohort of Mod/tap exams in December, date- TBC


  • Ballet exams -14th/15th November
  • Exam coaching dates and times to be confirmed soon
  • There will be coaching during half term for ballet exams.


  • Musical Theatre exams
  • 4th/5th December TBC


  • Minster Cathedral performance
  • Saturday 28th October
  • rehearsals during half term- TBC


  • Half term holiday after classes Fri 20th October
  • Classes resume Mon 30th October


  • ‘Unite the scene 2017’ Friday 24th November


  • End of term Saturday 9th December


If you have any enquiries or questions please email Julie Wilson on [email protected]

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Haynes and staff