CSE Dance, Senior Limbering & Showcase tickets

Senior Limbering Saturday 3rd Feb 
Due to the showcase on Sunday there will be no Senior Limbering on Saturday. This will give everyone an early night to prepare for the showcase. Junior Limbering will go ahead as normal at 2.15pm.

GCSE Dance Students
As we approach the last part of the course it is imperative that you all attend every week.
During the preparation of the group choreography (which makes up 60% of your overall mark), all students are involved in one another’s choreography, so if one person is absent from that group it holds up most of the lesson time. Coupled with the fact that some students are Year 11 & have other GCSEs to do, we cannot afford to be adding in any extra rehearsals during the week due to absences from the core Wednesday lesson.
We hope you understand that our priority is to offer a fair approach to all students for their exam.

Royal Theatre GCSE Dance students outing to see Rambert Dance Company 
On Thursday March 1st we will all be visiting the Theatre Royal in Nottingham to see Rambert (during which we will be watching live one of the set dance works for the GCSE course).
Each ticket is £15 so please pass the cash to Miss Haynes in a named envelope as soon as possible as they have all been paid for. Details of where to meet etc will be given nearer the date but fyi, the performance starts at 7.30pm. There are only enough tickets for students this time, but if parents wish to book tickets independently please feel free to do so.

Showcase Tickets
Although the 3pm showcase has now sold out, we still have plenty of tickets for the first showcase at 1.30pm. Please book now directly from the Create Theatre – https://www.createtheatre.co.uk/whats-on.aspx.