Street crew rehearsals

Junior & Senior Street Crew 

Thank you to all students for their commitment and support so far to the Street crew.
Due to previous absences Gaz would like to call a few rehearsals in time for the Mansfield performance next Thursday and Friday. These will be:

  • Saturday 17th Feb 10-11.30am
  • Tuesday 20th Feb 5.30-7.30pm (Dress rehearsal)
  • Costume: Plain coloured long sleeve smart/casual shirt, black leggings or black jeans and black trainers.We are aware that a few of you are away at the weekend as we have been notified previously, but everyone else please all do your best to attend the rehearsals so that the school and Gaz are well represented on the performance evenings.

Vocal & Dance Fees

Just a gentle reminder that we have some outstanding dance and vocal fees and as we approach half term these are now overdue. (Fees are due at the beginning of term as per our Terms & Conditions).

Please can we request that you settle anything due by Friday or interest will reluctantly be added.

Thank you!