Speed on the lane and parking at Tozers


It has been brought to my attention that some cars, last night in particular, have been speeding along the lane and in the car park.

For the safety of everyone PLEASE keep your speed to 20mph on the lane approaching the car park and deliver/collect your children safely to and from the studio.

Dropping off in front of the Farmhouse is prohibited as we have a large car park for this reason (irrelevant of how long you are staying).

So we are asking for everyone who brings students to the school to park in the car park and collect from there. We do not want any unnecessary accidents to children or animals because of lack of consideration. Please pass this information onto anyone who gives your child a lift to the school. You will be approached if you drop off anywhere but the car park.

Most of our parents are very considerate and we are thankful to those.

Lindsay Haynes, Principal-Tozer Studios