Show Update

We have 8 weeks to go!
Thank you to those students who have consistently been attending rehearsals every week so far since the start of term. We have had good attendance generally, however some groups have not had everyone at one rehearsal yet over the last 5 weeks which has brought difficulties in progressing with the setting of the groups.
Can I please ask that from now on to make it fair for everyone that you do your best to get your son or daughter to every rehearsal unless they are too ill to attend.
The show relies on a huge team effort and for those whose partner is missing or gaps having to made is very difficult to work with coupled with having to spend time re-teaching choreography to those who have not attended due to a ‘party’ or ‘being at a friend’s house’
If a student misses 3 or more rehearsals from now we shall re- assess whether it is viable for them to be included in that number, this is only fair to all involved.
Thank you for your support and understanding with this.

Half-Term rehearsals
The timetable for the half term rehearsals was advertised a while ago and can be viewed on the website here or the notice board at the studio.
Every student is required to attend & pay for the rehearsals in half term as they are added lessons and out of term time.
Fees are kept to a minimum & are charged to cover staff hours:
£3 per student, per rehearsal slot, per day.
For example: 3 rehearsal slots (e.g. Grade 1 Modern, Primary Tap, Musical theatre) that would amount to £9 for that day or 2 rehearsal slots would be £6 etc…
Please can the fees be put into a named envelope and paid daily at the start of the first rehearsal.
Please don’t make us chase for fees!

Students will need plenty of food and water for the rehearsal days!

Show Finale 
To clarify about the Finale rehearsal on Friday 22nd February at 12-1pm- this includes all the students from Grade 1 Modern/ Grade 2 Ballet upwards who are in 2 or more numbers in the show and all vocal students.

Costumes are arriving and we are on track to get these handed out and paid for as soon as they have all arrived-further details to come.

Chewing Gum 
Just a reminder that we are a chewing gum free dance school and it is not allowed on the premises.

Any queries please email Julie – [email protected] – with your concerns