Costume Collection & Dress Rehearsal

Please see below details of the costume collection day and dress rehearsals.

SUNDAY 24th MARCH – Costume collection day!

From 10-3pm costumes will be ready for collection in studio 2.

I’m sure you can imagine that sourcing, buying and organising costumes is a huge undertaking and we have access to some wonderful costumes nowadays from near and far, but since the last show we have seen an increase in costs for costumes & delivery fees. Please be assured that we have tried to keep the costs down when choosing appropriate costumes without compromising on quality where possible.

Having great costumes for the students can bring immense joy and confidence to the students & for some the most enjoyable process of being involved with the show.

Costume invoices will be distributed this week in readiness for a smooth & efficient costume collection day.

On the collection day please collect your child’s costumes or nominate someone to do so on your behalf – this is not a problem as long as the invoices have been settled in advance.

No costumes will be released unless they have been paid for.


Grades 3/4/5/6 & Senior Ballet – Friday 29th March 
Grades 4/5/6/Seniors Tap – Friday 29th March
Grades 5/6 & Seniors Modern – Friday 29th March
‘Opening number’ – Friday 29th March 

Senior Street Dance & Musical Theatre – Saturday 30th March 

ALL pre-school and Juniors (Ballet, Tap, Modern, Street Dance and Musical Theatre) + Grade 2/3 Tap will have their dress rehearsal on Saturday 30th March 

Grade 4 Modern will have their dress rehearsal on Monday 25th March in their normal rehearsal slot

Junior Jazz & Grade 3 Modern will have their dress rehearsal on Tuesday 26th March in their normal rehearsal slot