Reminder about this Wednesday and Showcase costume info

We are almost at the end of the Tozer summer term!
Classes and rehearsals this week will be full on followed by the showcase on Saturday evening.

Parents are invited to watch morning classes on Saturday until 12.45pm (pre-school through to Grade 2). No tickets are required for this.

Thank you to all those parents who have purchased tickets for the showcase that takes place later that day. We are now sold out for the showcase at 7pm and only a few left for the earlier one at 5pm.

The 7pm showcase has proved more popular, but if there are any parents who could transfer to the earlier performance at 5pm we would appreciate it as space for the audience is an ongoing issue in the studio for these events. Please let Mrs Lynn know as soon as possible if you are able to swap.

The work being produced is coming together slowly, but we have faced an unprecedented amount of absences this half term, resulting in most of the numbers having a full cast for the first time on Saturday.Fingers crossed the students will pull together and produce two great performances for you all, and the weather is set to be pleasant with no heat wave planned! It will still be quite warm in the studio so please wear appropriate light weight clothing.

Extra rehearsal Weds 10th July
As already advertised on our previous email (dated 4th June, website and Facebook post) rehearsals with costumes if possible at 5-8pm for Juniors and Seniors 5-9pm.
There will be rehearsals Saturday from 2pm and the first showcase at 5pm – make sure your child has plenty of food and water for the day.

Please see below the costume list which has been already been handed out, but if anyone was absent during the handing out please refer to the details below. The street class costume has now been decided which is also listed.