Info and updates for the new term

Classes resume tomorrow with the normal Saturday timetable. We are all looking forward to a busy festive half term.

Modern and Tap exam results 
The results from the exams before half term have arrived. We have once again secured fabulous results.
Congratulations to everyone who took part and represented the school so brilliantly.
Those students involved in the exams will move up to the next grade with immediate effect.

Next exams
Ballet exams 20th November
Music Theatre exams 15th December
Exam coaching will commence this week for those upcoming exams.

Street dance classes 30th November 
Due to our involvement in the charity performance ‘Unite the Scene’ in Nottingham on the Saturday 30th November the Street dance classes that afternoon are cancelled. All other classes will go ahead as normal.

Parking and driving on the lane
Thank you to everyone who have adhered to the speed limit on the lane approaching the school.
There are still a few people who pull up to drop of children outside the farmhouse and who do not use the car park. Please for the safety of everyone can we do our best to follow the majority and park safely in the car park even if you are late, not staying or are just dropping your children off for classes.
Can we also request now that the dark nights are upon us that whilst waiting in the car park to pick up students that headlights are dipped so that the students can easily look for their parent’s cars and not be confused by so many lights as they come from the studios.

Terms and conditions 
Please can I bring your attention again to our terms and conditions which are clearly available on our website here. Copies are also available on request.
In particular – half a terms notice is required for ceasing any classes or fees will have to be charged.
Please also note that attending another dance school for regular classes is not accepted or permitted. This has always been part of the ethos of the school for many years.

Uniform and Grooming
A gentle reminder about grooming and uniform for classes.
It is part of the discipline to arrive on time and look ready for class well-groomed and with the correct uniform for the class being taken.
On the whole we have well-groomed students, but there is room for improvement.

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Haynes