Activities to try – plus private vocal info

Many thanks once again for all your kinds words and support over the current closure of the studios & break in lessons. Our thoughts and hearts go out to you all and we pray you all remain safe and well during this time. We had a few emotional days at Tozer last Friday & Saturday with the realisation that this situation is indeed not a nightmare we are able to wake up from.

Thank you to all the students and families who were able to continue to attend, keeping the staff & the students physically & mentally positive and lots of fun was had too!

We will miss everyone and hope that the Tozer family will be back together as soon as possible.

Looking ahead for the next two weeks before Easter we would like to continue our care & Tozer training by offering some online tasks for the students to remain active & to also help nurture their creativity. This will help maintain their physical & mental health & may also occupy some parents in a different way!

We have put together some material which will be on the website for the students to do at home if they wish to. Each week we will be looking at one of the different areas we teach at Tozer…Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz, Street dance & Vocal/Musical Theatre. Each week we will post a quiz, word search, drawing competition, a choreography competition or other similar activities for you to get stuck into.

Those for this week are shown below and we’ve also added to the website. The link for the choreography is at

Simply download or print off the worksheets, complete and then email them back to us via the usual email address. There will also be a link to a piece of music selected for the choreography competition. Students can be as creative as they like to come up with a short piece to the music which you can film and again email to us. (Siblings can work together if they wish to). The teaching staff will judge the entries with the winning pieces for each category receiving a Chocolate Easter Egg! The winners and runners up will also be posted out each week.

This week we are encouraging the children to think about ballet. Ballet as with all dance genres teaches work ethic, discipline, perseverance, dedication, motivation, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination and strength. Ballet helps dancers develop and it gives students what they need to spread their wings and fly in all dance classes.

We will continue to post or email updates so look out for the information. There are some brilliant children’s ballets available on the BBC Cbeebies website for you to watch. Try out our Ballet quiz and word search, remember we’re playing for Chocolate Easter eggs!

I have been in contact with Gaz our Street dance teacher and he will be creating some choreographic work for the students to learn and share online. This will all be rolled out as time goes on. In the meantime if you’d like to send any videos of you and your family dancing/singing being creative then do please email onto us, we can offer feedback and can be a great source of keeping us in touch with our pupils.

Let’s all stay safe at home and “keep dancing” 

Private Vocal Students:

For all those students who take private singing lessons, these will be continuing online on the days you usually receive them (either Monday or Tuesday). The time of your lesson maybe adjusted to accommodate the group classes being suspended.

To facilitate this you need to confirm with us that you have FaceTime. If not we will use Zoom which is super simple.

A few things to set up before your lesson:

  • You will need a separate device & speaker to be able to play your backing tracks from.
  • You will be emailed your backing tracks and any other necessary materials prior to your lesson.
  • Please also have some headphones available.

Confirmation of your lesson times will be sent out in due course directly to you. In the meantime if you have any questions please let us know.

Please do keep in touch as often as you can. Offer up & share lots of entertainment along with your positivity during our current situation which we all hope will go away as quickly as it appeared.