Week 2 update and this weeks challenge

I hope you are all well and keeping occupied. Please let us know if you would like us to provide any more help for your children during the uncertain length of time we are in lockdown. Some students are gaining our help through FaceTime lessons which are fun and are a positive way for us to be in contact. We are enjoying the wave of videos coming in for us to see and it’s encouraging to see how many students are so dedicated to maintaining their Tozer training. We’ve had videos of children dancing in bedrooms, gardens, conservatories and kitchens! All of them have kept us entertained this week. So please send in your requests if you have any and continue to send your videos to us!

For anyone having trouble sending videos (as they can be very large files that are too big to email), then you can either:

  • Create a YouTube account,  upload the videos to YouTube and just send the link to them (YouTube automatically creates this when you upload). And you can make the video unsearchable. So you can only see it if you have the link.
  • Or, if the video file is less than 100MB you could send it to Julie Wilson via WhatsApp to 07751 743459.

Mrs Burnett’s message regarding the ballet choreography challenge from last week:

To all who entered the ballet choreography competition I would like to congratulate you on the excellent standard of entries. You have produced some very creative and imaginative ideas and I was particularly impressed with your musicality and inventive use of space in your homes!!! It was a very tight run competition, but there can only be one winner! This particular piece fulfilled my brief of the art of storytelling and mime through dance and so I am very pleased to announce that Bay Jaworski is the winner of the ballet choreography competition.

Well done Bay a fabulous piece!!! Well deserving of your Chocolate Egg!! I will arrange this to reach you by Special delivery…
I would like to commend all of those who entered so there will be a Cadbury’s Cream Egg to collect from the Egg table at Tozer from Wednesday this week….
Keep dancing and enjoy your next challenge 😉

Mrs Burnett

Week 2 choreography challenge is TAP

This week we are encouraging the children to think about tap. Tap dancing is beneficial in many ways; increasing cardiovascular conditioning, strength, flexibility, coordination, rhythm and boosts brain function & memory. Tap dancing builds strength in the legs and feet in addition to increasing flexibility in the hips, knees and ankles. And most of all it’s a great fun and a social dance form.

For our creative students this week we are setting you the challenge of creating a 3D tap shoe. This can be made out of playdough, sand, cake, clay …….. anything goes. Take a picture and send it in to the usual email address.

Try out our Tap quiz and word search too! See more at the bottom of this email.

Create a piece of TAP choreography to the music provided. There are two pieces of music to choose from:

  • The first piece is called ‘Sunny side of the Street’ and is for our younger tap students (suggested level Primary-Grade 2) – you can hear the music by clicking here.
  • The second piece of music is called ‘Low’ and is for the older tap students to work with. To hear this just click here.

Due to space can I suggest that you may use a chair or a low stool to work on or you can use a prop of your choice. If you are unable to tap dance in the house maybe create the choreography without your shoes on then find a piece of patio and put your shoes on to film your work.
The tracks are long so use as little or as much as you like!

Be creative and good luck!
Easter eggs for the winner(s)!!

Keep Dancing………