Week 5 Update and Tozer Challenge – Street Dance

Private Lessons
Our 1-1 sessions in both dance and vocal training are well under way and we’ve had great feedback from the students and parents regarding these invaluable training sessions.
We only have a few slots left if anyone is still interested in having private tuition.
Thank you to all the students who are responding so well and bringing such joy to the Tozer staff during this difficult time.

Modern/Contemporary Challenge 
We had some truly fantastic entries this week for this challenge and I was thrilled to watch all of them over many times.
Some very creative work had been choreographed with lots of heartfelt intention & expression shown.
I had a difficult time in deciding who should win this challenge so I’ve decided to split it into age categories, under 10yrs and over 10yrs.
The runner up for the under 10yrs is Georgia Ward-Scott for her delightful entry showing her joy of dance & lovely musicality.
The winner of the under 10yrs is Marni Hastings for her beautiful narrative performance and sincere approach.

The runner up for the over 10yrs is Ava Brooksby who’s work showed strong technical skill & a lovely connection to the lyrics.
The winner of the over 10yrs is Ellie Thornton who performed a genuine, heartfelt piece of choreography which was sincerely linked to her music & the powerful message of the song. Your written work which was also included, described your intention for the costume, the lighting & the choreographic development. You really had thought through and planned your work Ellie, well done.
Congratulations to all the students!
Rewards are available for all those who took part and will be ready to collect from the egg table at the studio from Wednesday.

Week 6 Challenge – Street dance week
Welcome to Week 6 and this week we are celebrating the style of Street Dance.

Thank you all very much for your fabulous work last week with Modern / Contemporary. The calibre of work sent in was amazing and we were thrilled to see so many of you joining in, thank you.

Street Dance originated in the 1970’s outside the dance studios and in the streets, parks, school yards and nightclubs of New York. Since then it grown and expanded into many different styles creating an immense diversity in its genre. ‘Street dance’ has now become an umbrella term which includes styles such as Locking, Popping, Waving, Breaking, Hip-Hop and many more. Because of its diversity it creates a environment by which students are able to show and develop their own individual style. It is a fun and challenging dance form which promotes student’s fitness, strength, co-ordination, rhythm and creativity.

At Tozer we are extremely lucky to have Gareth Woodward as part of our teaching team. He brings with him a wealth of experience working with massive names such as Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole, Coldplay, and Take That. Gareth teachers and mentors both our junior and senior’s classes through which he has developed our hugely talented Street Crews.

A fundamental part of Street Dance is teamwork, working alongside your crew members, helping each other grow and sharing experiences and achievements. These are all key elements of the Tozer spirit. Whilst in these ‘socially distanced’ times we wanted to remind students of our Tozer team and family. We will all return to the studio in the hopefully not too distant future but in the meantime our challenge this week is to create a short Street Dance piece which we hope to combine together to create a fabulous piece of work created by all our students.

The music for this weeks piece is ‘Crush on you’ Instrumental-New Boyz-Too cool to care
link to spotify is

OR you can choose your own music (as long as the lyrics are clean)
Have Fun!

For inspiration students may wish to look into work created by Kenrick Sandy, Jonzi D and Tony Adigun.

This week we thought we’d try you all out with a of TikTok challenge such as;

Or feel free to forward any Tik Tok challenge so long it has a Street dance style.
Mums, Dad’s, siblings all very welcome to join in!

Remember to submit your work by Sunday/Monday next week.

Good luck and most of all be inspired & have fun!
Can’t wait to see your work. Keep safe everyone and we’ll see you soon.