Week 7 Update and 2 Tozer Challenges/activities

It has been an eventful week!

Online teaching continues to flourish. Some of our senior students are busily preparing for auditions in the Autumn term for entry onto Drama/Dance/Musical Theatre courses and the roll out of the ‘road map’ of how we return to some sort of normality has been published by the government. We will continue to follow the guidelines and updates and then review events as they unravel in the next few weeks as to when we can possibly get back to offering some classes in the studio in the not too distant future.

Mrs Burnett had an unfortunate accident this week involving falling from her bike at a fairly high speed and after executing a gracious double pirouette in mid air, landed on the ground! Consequently after visiting the x-ray department at the urgent care facility she was advised that she had sustained a fracture to her collar bone along with some soft tissue bruising.

We all wish Mrs Burnett a speedy recovery and welcome her back to her online lessons next week albeit with her arm in a sling! We advise not to try and execute any classical ballet technique whilst on a bike at speed!


A national tapathon is happening on 24th May – see more at https://www.roycastle.org/events/national-tapathon-2/.

It’s a chance to learn a dance routine inspired by Roy Castle’s famous record breaking performance outside the BBC studio, from the comfort of your own home.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be sent a video link with a full guide on how to learn the dance routine.

Although Tozer is not registering as a dance school, students may wish to register and enter independently if you wish.

Last week’s challenge

Thank you to all the entries for the ’Shoes can dance challenge’. Our winner this week is Ethan Soule for an original rendition of Flamenco technique with his black character shoes performing intricate and beautifully timed choreography. Well done Ethan!
Please collect your reward from the box as usual.

This week’s challenges

Lots to keep you busy!
Please read below the challenge for this week which is in two parts. You can get involved with one or both parts of the challenge. Submit your part one entry in the usual way by Monday next week.

Part 1

We are collating some choreography for our Leaver’s showcase hopefully going ahead at the end of July.
For those that wish to explore this, pick your favourite piece of music, film or musical and simply dance. Create your own choreography, add in some costumes, prop’s, make up and send them in. It can be a wonderful release of emotions, may win you some chocolate and a spotlight appearance in the Leaver’s showcase.

Part 2
Tozer ‘Crafty’ Week  

As the weather has turned a little chilly we thought we’d have a crafty indoor week.

We are very much hoping that in the not too distant future we will return to the studio and some form of dance lessons will commence. And so in order to prepare for this we’d love to students to help make a welcome back poster! Draw, paint, sketch, collage any dance form, any art style, big, small anything goes.

We’ve loved seeing all the children’s competition work and taking them through their individual dance and singing lessons. They have all done so very well and are making fabulous progress even in these crazy times. We have been overwhelmed by how creative our students are in overcoming all the obstacles they face. Whilst we can’t use our beloved studios we’d love to celebrate the places students have found to dance and sing in. Send in photo’s of the places you have found to use and we will turn it into a collage to display at Tozer for years to come as a reminder of the determination and creativity shown by the Tozer family.

It has been many many weeks since we have all been together but it is lovely to hear that groups of you are using technology to its finest to keep in contact and chat together. The metal health and the wellbeing of our students is at the centre of our ethos and we wanted to make sure that all of our family; students, parents, carers and grandparents are keeping well in these troubled times. Whilst it may seem we have all the time in the world, the pressures of home schooling, scheduling online meetings and lessons, the constant charging of phones and iPad’s and the never ending close monitoring the biscuit box leaves very little actual free time. Make sure to really take stock of those few precious moments of peace and remind yourself that you are doing an amazing job!