Some reminders and exam info

I hope you are all well.

The re-opening of the school this week has been a fantastic step for us and the students have been an absolute delight! Everyone came with excitement and lots of enthusiasm which has been so reassuring.

Thank you to all parents and students for complying with our Covid-19 procedures which will continue for the foreseeable future in order to remain as safe as possible. The glorious weather has helped enormously with having socially distanced fun outside the studios with students recalling exercises and choreography together before classes. The sight of the children smiling, dancing and eating ice lollies at the end of classes yesterday brought sheer joy to all the staff and made the world we now live in feel a little more normal.

A few reminders …
As we move into our second week and welcome some more students back please remember to
• Pack a named water bottle for your child. We would appreciate it if only water was brought to classes and no fizzy drinks.
• Wear shoes for all classes.
• Remind yourself and your children of the school’s return to studio procedure document before you arrive over the next few weeks.

• August summer classes will end on Friday 28th August and the school will then close for cleaning and maintenance (with the exception of exam coaching – see below).

  • We will re-open on Saturday 19th September after all the Primary and Secondary schools have returned and the children have time to settle and get use to their new school day before returning to us.

Modern & Tap Exams
We have a provisional date for Modern & Tap exams of Wednesday September 30th. This is subject to an examiner being appointed and current Covid-19 restrictions.

If we are able to go ahead with the exams, consent forms and payment details will be sent out soon. Our examination policy for exam entries is clearly advertised at the studio and on the website. Only students ready for the examination will be entered.

An update on the examination session will be sent out as soon as we have confirmation of an examiner. Exam coaching will continue through September if the exam date is confirmed for those entered.

We look forward to welcoming our students back again next week. May we wish you all a safe and happy summer.