Theme for the week (w/c 25 Jan)

Hope you are all well.

We have had another great week working online with the students who are keeping up with their work extremely well online and the attendance is fantastic!
Thank you to everyone for your resilience and commitment.

Theme for the week

In March we were due to be at the theatre performing our biannual show, sadly due to Covid-19 this has had to be postponed until further notice.

So instead we will celebrate past Tozer shows and showcases remotely.

‘Memories made’ will be our theme this week so it would be lovely if the students could find a photo of themselves in their favourite show costume from any show or showcase and share this with us at the beginning of their classes.

If the students would like to paint, draw or create a picture of themselves in an imaginary costume this would also be great!
I’m sure this will lift our spirits and we can share in the many memories made at Tozer.
We will look forward to seeing as many pictures as possible as the week goes on.

Music Theatre exams

Congratulations to everyone involved with the dress rehearsals for the exams. The standard was even higher than previous sessions so everyone should be very proud of the work achieved.

Good luck to everyone for their exam tomorrow!

Have a great week and be safe!

Miss Haynes