Welcome back – New timetable and other important info

I do hope you’ve managed to have a good summer break and everyone is well. The time has flown by and now we are looking forward to resuming classes again this Monday evening, 6th September.

Our world is changing and we move and adapt with it to continue to work as a team and offer the best opportunities within the performing arts for our students and families.

We have the long awaited show next spring which we are busily planning for and would encourage anyone who wants to join new classes in readiness for inclusion in the show numbers to start this term. Starting before rehearsals – which will begin later this term – gives suitable preparation for a fantastic experience on the stage and during all the rehearsals. It is the biggest highlight of all for the students and they always make lasting memories and friendships in the process to take with them through life.

New Timetable

The timetable is advertised on our website – click here – with some changes due to exams last term and the ongoing pandemic adaptations we have to make. I apologise that I am sending this out later than I had hoped, however we have a very successful timetable now in place.

2021 Graduates

As we start a new term I would like to wish all our graduating students the best of luck with their new adventures at Drama/Dance College and University. We did manage to have a wonderful small event last Wednesday to celebrate with parents and say goodbye to our graduating Tozer students. It was an emotional time listening to all the heartfelt graduate speeches which they had prepared reflecting on many happy years as a Tozer student. Even with the most difficult year for all of them we had a record number of students gaining places at colleges and Universities. We shall miss them very much and look forward to hearing all their news when they return for the show next year.

Well done to staff, parents and students for continuing to fly the Tozer flag high around our top colleges – we’ll see our students in the West End or on Broadway in years to come!

Spread the word to friends and families about our training and encourage as many new students as possible to come and join us and become new Tozer students of the future.

Leaver’s showcase DVD

At the end of last term we filmed the showcase with those students who were able to attend.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the showcase we had planned as many students were in isolation due to Covid. The DVD of the showcase is ready to purchase for a small fee of £5 each to cover filming and editing hours for our dear friend David Edwards who spent days editing it all together. Please get in touch if you would like a copy to keep.

Vocal classes

We are looking for new recruits for our Junior Vocal class on a Wednesday evening at 5.30. This is an fun opportunity to gain self-confidence, storytelling through song helping dramatic and literature development and improving overall performance/vocal technique which will also enhance dance stage and examination performance skills. This class is appropriate for ages 7-10yrs.

Please email back to sign up for this class and we can welcome you next Wednesday.

Returning next week

As we return to the studio please make sure all the uniform requirements are adhered to for each class, name all uniform and come with hair suitably groomed especially all age groups for Ballet.

There is advice on our website for Mums and Dads on how to style a ballet bun! Click here for more details.

We have new Tozer branded items to purchase with order forms available from the table in the entrance to studio 1 to take away and fill in. In addition, all the items are displayed in the changing room to look at and choose from.

There is also information on the website here.

In preparation for the show all students involved will need the following:

  • Black Tozer logo joggers
  • A Tozer T-shirt for rehearsals
  • A Tozer Hoodie for the theatre

Please get your order in this term as we will be overrun next term and we would like to fulfil all orders.

We will continue to ask for students to do their lateral flow tests and sanitise hands before and after class. It is very important to advise the school through email of any absences well before classes begin and not last minute unless absolutely necessary. It will be another difficult term ahead and we need to make sure we think of everyone’s welfare.

Second hand uniform

Just a reminder for everyone if you can to bring in old uniform before beginning of term (box is still on the egg table). Any queries can be directed to Esther Lynn directly by emailing [email protected] anytime. If we have enough items there will be a table out on the first Saturday back which is 11th September.


Invoices will go out soon for this term.

Please remember we are a business with a small amount of staff trying to make a living as well as a school and happily giving lots of hours for no pay, but fees need to be paid at the beginning of term preferably (either in full or by direct debit) and not rolled over or having to be chased multiple times.

In addition, according to our terms and conditions we require half a term’s notice for stopping classes or fees will be charged for that class – exceptions are if classes are being replaced with another subject.

We do appreciate your understanding with this and are always available to talk through any issues if necessary.

Thank you and sorry for the long email.

See you all next week!

Miss Haynes