School reopens today!

Good news!
We will reopen the school today and welcome our students back for full on rehearsals for the show!
We have missed you all!

Saturday – Musical Theatre 3.15-4.30pm
This rehearsal will go ahead for all Inter and senior vocal group students. Juniors are not required.

Thank you to all those parents who sent get well wishes to our staff this week, it meant so much to us.

We will continue to ask everyone to wear face coverings in the changing rooms whilst onsite.
(Except under 7’s).

For secondary school students please also wear your face coverings in class for the time being.
(Unless you are exempt and have passed this information on)

We are confident we can make up the time lost, but if there are several absences due to Covid or illness we will have no choice but to put in extra rehearsals along the way. We will update you as time progresses.

Please continue to update us by email if your child is ill and or unable to attend preferably well before the class begins.

Thank you to everyone for your support and patience during these challenging times.

We look forward to seeing everyone back.

Miss Haynes