Latest News and Update w/c 20 June

Thank you to all staff and students for showing real commitment in attending and working hard in lessons during the warmer weather last week.
The warmer weather is long overdue!
Please make sure your child has a filled water bottle with them when attending classes in the heat.


Email notification
Please note that from 1st July that all email correspondence to the school will need to be sent via this email address:
[email protected]
Julie’s email address will no longer be valid from this date so please do not send to this email as the information will not be received.


We have several shout outs this week from the staff which is fantastic!
Congratulations to the following pupils:
• Max Huson and Max Bradley for their extra enthusiasm and focus in their Saturday classes.
• All Grade 3 Ballet students who have been so mature and focused in their ballet classes.
• All Grade 1 Tap students for remembering their choreography and practising away from the studio, along with their positivity in class which has made it so much fun for both students and staff.
Well done!


I am sad to announce that after much deliberation Miss Unitt has decided to continue her plans to travel abroad and will be leaving Tozer at the end of September.
Miss Unitt has been part of the Tozer family since the age of 9.
We will certainly miss her contribution, creativity and commitment to the school and wish her the best luck as she moves onto her next exciting chapter.
We will enjoy having her with us until the end of September.


Taking place on Sunday 3rd July at 4pm.
Please can we ask for all trophies to be returned as soon as possible this week.
We are waiting for many of them to be brought back.
If there are any problems in returning this week, please email in and let us know.
We are expecting as much support as possible, let us know if you unable to attend.

FRIDAY 15th July
On this date our regular timetable will be replaced with an evening of rehearsals for the showcase on the following day.
We will begin from 4.30pm.
A schedule will be advertised next week.

Leaver’s Showcase 16th July
As previously announced tickets will be on sale from the end of next week for each performance.
Hopefully we will have a great response for tickets.
This is our last performance sharing/opportunity before the summer break and the students have really enjoyed preparing the work on the back of our successful show in Mansfield.
If we do not have enough audience members, we will only do the one performance at 4pm.
Initially tickets will be limited to 2 per family.

GOOD LUCK to all our Music Theatre exam students who will be taking their exams this Wednesday in person!

Have a great week!

Miss Haynes