Latest News and Update the 17th November

Dear Parents,

I hope you’re all well.

Thank you to our students for another enjoyable week at the studios with some great progress being made across all subjects which is so encouraging!


This week we would like to give a big shout out to the following students who have been pushing themselves with their hard work:

  • All Grade 3 Ballet students – excellent recall of the Character dance
  • Lucy strange – for her mature approach and diligence with her syllabus knowledge in ballet
  • Tom Harbord – for his fantastic, positive approach to learning the Boy’s modern work. A real asset to the class!
  • Sienna Parkin – for her hard work in her street-dance class, showing her understanding of musicality & detail in her work for the style.
  • All the exam Ballet candidates who are working super hard in their run up to the exam.

Well done to everyone!


Last Saturday after classes the floor in studio 1 was in an unacceptable condition due to dirty outdoor shoes used in the street-dance classes.
We are fully aware that the best footwear for street-dance are trainers, converse etc, however to preserve the life of the flooring we must insist on footwear which is clean and not worn outside prior to arriving.

From now on all footwear for street-dance classes must be brought to the studio clean and in a bag ready to get changed into.

Please do not wear the trainers you would use to run around and play in outside.

Crocs & Sliders are unsuitable for this class and must not be worn as they are not safe to dance in.

Your help with passing on this request is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to parents on visiting our Hardings pop up shop last Sunday.
Deliveries will be distributed as soon as we receive goods ordered and purchased.

Thank you to Tracy & Kerry form Hardings & Tracey Swaffer for their time & assisting with orders.

If you haven’t yet purchased your exam uniform, you will need to visit Hardings in Nottingham for your satin ballet shoe fittings & socks/tights/leotards etc.


We still have some outstanding fees for this term,these are now overdue!
Please make sure your fees are paid asap


Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th May 2024
Details to come soon regarding costume deposits & show rehearsals

Last day of this term is Saturday 16th December

Have a great weekend!