Latest News and Update the 6th July

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all well.

It’s been a very busy week and heading towards the end of the summer term is always extremely manic so we appreciate everyone who has managed to juggle commitments and helped support the school this week.

This afternoon is Fiskofest!

Good luck to everyone taking part and we hope as always you will enjoy representing the school and showing off the Tozer talent!
Have fun!

Please send any photos in so we can post on our social media.

Saturday 13th July

Watching week for morning classes
Parents are very welcome to watch classes until 12.45pm when classes will stop in readiness for the Leaver’s Showcase.

Leaver’s showcase

Next Saturday afternoon is a lovely end to the term and above all our opportunity to celebrate the students who have devoted many of their early & teenage years into coming to Tozer and being part of our Tozer family.

It means so much to us and them to perform, say a public goodbye & graduate along with their peers who have stood beside them during their childhood & teenage years.

Please come and watch/support by purchasing your tickets for performances from Mrs Lynn – we have a lot more to sell!
We need two packed audiences!

  • 2 tickets per family
  • Entrance with ticket only.
  • Any students who are not involved in performing are very welcome to watch the 2.30pm performance.

Costume list was sent out last week, please make sure you have all the requirements.

Click here to see the timetable for the week beginning 8th July with some changes to incorporate rehearsals for the Leaver’s showcase.

We have a long break after next Saturday, so please do your best to attend lessons/rehearsals as this effects the whole team!

We want to create a fantastic showcase!

Shout Out’s

  • This week our shout goes to Edie O’Callaghan for fully committing to her performance in rehearsals. Well done!
  • I’d like to give a huge shout out to my Tozer staff this week for their time, energy and commitment during a challenging period in producing quality performances for Fiskofest and the Leaver’s showcase!

1-2-1 lessons during the summer are available to anyone for exam prep or just some extra support for technique, flexibility and strength.

Sign up sheets are on the notice board in the waiting room.

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend!