Costume Hand Out and Dress Rehearsal

Costume Hand Out & Balance Payment on 12th March
Costume hand out is this Sunday 12th March between the hours of 11am & 2pm in Studio 2.
Everyone will receive an invoice on Saturday for the balance of costumes to be paid to make it easier for collection on Sunday.
Most costumes will be handed out, however due to the enormity of this, and with very few staff to co-ordinate such a huge undertaking, there maybe a few items still awaiting delivery. For those that this involves they will be advised on Sunday of the details.

When collecting costumes we do not require the students to be present unless you wish them to be there. Costume lists will be posted up on the walls for parents to photograph or view to check all the information.

Payment can be made in cash or by Cheque payable to Tozer Show Account.

All the costumes have been purchased through the school so they will only be handed out once the balance has been paid. The deposit fee which you all paid has secured most of the overall fee and we have done our best to keep the costs down to a minimum as far as possible.

Dress Rehearsal on 18th March
EVERYONE MUST BE IN COSTUME, HAIR DONE (Hair styles will be advised before hand after this weekend).

This will take place on March 18th and will run following the timetable that we have been doing since 25th February.
There are some rehearsals that are not scheduled on a Saturday so the dress rehearsal for those numbers will happen on Monday 20th March. These are Grades 4/5/6 Ballet, Senior Ballet and Opening number. Also, on 22nd March there will be a GCSE Dance dress rehearsal.

Chewing Gum

Filming / Social Media
Please advise your children that there is to be NO filming in or around the changing rooms. Any filming of rehearsals is for practise only at home and not to be passed on or uploaded to any social media sites.

Thank you for your co-operation.