Costume Hand Out Tomorrow and Medical Forms

Costume Hand Out – tomorrow Sunday 12th March

Costumes will be ready for collection between the hours of 11am and 2pm tomorrow. Students do not need to be there unless parents wish them to be. Costume hand out is specifically organised to go ahead on a non rehearsal day so that staff are available to help and advise on costumes. It is very difficult to deal with costumes during the week when rehearsals are on, so please make sure costumes can be collected tomorrow.

Medical Forms

As part of the crackdown on monitoring children in entertaining, every child in the show must have a completed medical form to be submitted to the County Council. These will be handed out tomorrow (they have to be filled in by the parent or guardian of the child named on the form). They can be filled in tomorrow whilst you are at the studio or returned by Wednesday 15th March at the latest to the school.

Another list of all students names, addresses and date of births also has to be submitted which will be done by the school. This is regular procedure now for any child preforming.