Costume amendments following the Roald Dahl Ballet Dress Rehearsal

Please see costume amendments below:

School Girls

Amelia Smith
Domenica Freeborn
Sophia Soule

Please attach a RED Ribbon around your School Boaters

ALL other boaters should have a Black Ribbon. A white elastic chin strap is required and some may need to be adjusted to fit with hat foam.

Please bring your boater to Saturday’s rehearsal.



The purple ribbon should be sewn to either side of the waist of the dress.

Hats should be stuffed and a Black chin elastic sewn on.

Please bring your costume to wear this Saturday.



Shoulder straps need adjusting and sewing into place.

Remove the white elastic on the wings and sew wings into place on the back of the costume bodice between the shoulder blade area.

Tights will be handed out on Saturday to replace the black ankle socks.

Please bring your costume to wear this Saturday.



These costumes will be handed back to the children on Saturday.

Please bring the black beret to the rehearsal.


Pre School/ Pre Primary

Please adjust the shoulder straps to ensure the front of the bodice sits well up onto the chest area.


Senior Ballet Costumes

Please bring costume (Dress and Mask) to Fridays Class