Junior/Senior Street crew – Breaking Convention

The Tozer Street crew successfully auditioned for the ‘Breakin Convention’ tour and have been asked to perform at the Curve theatre, Leicester in May. Curve is a great venue to perform at with many touring West End shows appearing there due to it’s popularity and facilities.

There were only three other local schools from the Midlands area who were lucky enough to be picked to perform with the ‘Breakin Convention’ professional performers during their international tour of 2017. So we are indeed privileged to have been given this opportunity and the students will gain a lot of experience in performing in a professional show in an award wining theatrical venue.

The show is on Tuesday 23rd May and it is very important that all those involved (Junior and Senior students who are in the Tozer crew) must be available to perform that day. The tech rehearsal will start at 4pm and the girls will be licensed off school for the afternoon in order to have a tech rehearsal and then perform in the evening.

Please check immediately that you can commit to this and let me know as soon as possible if there are any problems so I can sort anything.

The girls have been practising very hard during the show rehearsals to improve on their performance from last November in the ‘Unite the scene’ show & I have seen the piece progress over the last 4 months.

This will be an exciting opportunity and I look forward to seeing the girls perform.

If you wish to book tickets for the evening performance then please go onto the Curve website and book online.