Fantastic opportunity to take part in Summer sessions with Gaz & Jasmine

Gaz and his partner Jasmine are hosting some summer lessons at Tozer Studios next month. Gaz is our very talented resident Street dance teacher having worked professionally in TV and live events across the country. His partner Jasmine is currently incredibly successful working in the industry as a supporting artist for ‘Little Mix’ & ‘Five after Midnight’ (X-Factor runners up 2016).
We are delighted that they have chosen Tozer to host 4 packed days of Street dance/Commercial technique & choreography.

The flyer below gives details of the dates and prices.

In order to really benefit we recommend that you take part in at least 2 days (holidays permitting), however anyone can sign up for as many days as they wish to.

The price for the workshops is of excellent value and if you were to travel anywhere else you would be paying double and for less time as well.

Please support this by registering with Gaz ([email protected]) as soon as possible as there are limited spaces and it will be on a first come first serve basis. Gaz would like to continue and strengthen the work achieved over the last year with his Tozer students as the summer break gives way to losing technique/strength and stamina.

We would expect all Tozer Street crew students to be taking part in order to develop their ongoing technical ability and securing their position in the team.

Juniors and Seniors will be separated and we are hoping to have ample numbers for each group for it to go ahead, so spread the word to friends as anyone interested is welcome to take part (Tozer students or not).

Any further information please don’t hesitate to ask.