Street Crew Performance

After the success of the Tozer street crew at ‘Unite the Scene’ back in November in Nottingham, the crew were seen and now have been invited to perform at the Mansfield theatre on 22nd and 23rd February as the opening act to a dance showcase.

This is great news!

(On the night it is believed that the students maybe able to leave after their performance – this is still to be confirmed – rehearsals in half term will be kept to the minimum).

This involves everyone in the Street crew – Juniors and Seniors – and Gaz has been commissioned to choreograph a piece with the use of a live band as accompaniment.

We are thrilled that the Crew have been talent spotted for this event and congratulate everyone involved in making this happen.

If you have a holiday booked in half term please advise us immediately as Gaz will start choreographing the piece tonight in the street crew lessons. Otherwise it is expected that all Crew members will take part.