Junior Showcase / Sharing

As well as our Leaver’s showcase on the 7th July in the afternoon, we are holding our Junior school sharing of work across two Saturdays mornings. This is mainly due to the space in studio 2. Classes normally held in studio 1 on a Saturday morning will have their sharing on Saturday 7th July only.

Classes held in studio 2 will have their sharing on Saturday 14th July only.

7th July
So to clarify, parents are invited to watch the following classes in studio 1 on Saturday 7th July:
(All classes in studio 2 will be as normal without parents watching)

9-9.45 Pre-Primary Ballet
9.45- 10.30 Grade 1 Ballet
10.30-11.15 Primary Tap
11.15-12.00 Grade 1 Tap
12.00-12.45 Grade 2 Modern

All classes from 12.45 will be suspended in preparation for the Leaver’s showcase – i.e. No Junior limbering, Grade 2 or 3 Ballet

14th July
Saturday 14th July parents are invited to watch the following classes:
(All other classes as normal all day)

9-9.45 Pre-school ballet (Studio 2)
The following classes will then move to Studio 1:
9.45-10.30 Prep Modern and Tap
10.30-11.15 Primary Modern & pre-primary tap
11.15-12.00 Primary Ballet
12.00-12.45 Grade 1 Modern
12.45-1.30 Grade 2 Tap
Classes continue as normal.

This may seem a little confusing so if you are unsure please ask.