Details of Saturday Showcase

Normal classes will go ahead from 9 -12.45pm
Parents are invited to watch Studio 1 classes until 12.45pm.
1.30pm at the latest – All students to be at the studio ready in first costume (Juniors Vocal,Grade 3 and up in Ballet uniform).
Details of the running order is shown below and copies are also at the studio. A costume list is also shown below again.
Due to space, please drop your child off with all their belongings and the staff will then look after them.
As it will be very hot in the studio please can all audience members have water with them and wear cool clothes!
There is also water available for the students to fill bottles when needed. The showcase lasts for between 1 hour/1 hour & 10mins with presentations at the end of the second showcase.

We hope you enjoy our performances.

Showcase Programme 

Toot Sweets – Junior Vocal
Grade 3 & 4 Ballet students
Grade 5 & 6 Ballet students
Grade 7 & Inter Ballet students
Junior Jazz Class – ‘Better when I’m dancing’
Inter Jazz Class – ‘Nicest Kids in town’
Truly scrumptious – Jnr A & B Vocal + Emily Rayner
Alice Harmer – Advanced 1 tap
Senior Street – Saturday Class- Justin Timberlake
Junior Street- Saturday class
Hanging tree – Inter & Senior Vocal
My friend’ – Vocal duet Emily R and Emily W
Grade 2 Modern – ‘Brave’ exam dance students
Senior Jazz Class               
Junior ‘Tozer Crew’
Senior ‘Tozer Crew’
Disney Medley- all vocal groups 

Presentations to graduating students at the end of 4pm showcase

Showcase costume list:
Junior Jazz 
Plain Red short sleeve t-shirt
Plain Black leggings /bottoms
Plain black long sleeve top to tie around waist
Bare feet
Inter Jazz
Plain white t-shirt (white vest top underneath)
Spotted skirt (school gathering from other students)
white ‘frilly’ ankle socks
tan tights
white pumps/converse/trainers
Junior Street dance – Saturday class
White short sleeve t-shirt
Black leggings/bottoms
Senior Street dance – Saturday class
Own styling…Gaz has asked for ‘Cool’ street/urban clothes
Street crew
Black top and bottoms, white trainers
Gaz will provide the Bandanas
Black outfit with ‘Unite the scene shirt’
All Vocal 
All Black…
Plain black top
Black bottoms
Black pumps/plimsoles, trainers (no school shoes)
Black socks
Ballet Grades
Ballet uniform as discussed in class