Message and task for senior ballet students from Mrs Burnett

This class is an absolute must for all dancers from Grade 6 upwards.. Please note the BEAUTIFUL CLEAR and precise technique and the very carefully defined points you should be working on in each exercise!!  This is an excellent opportunity to work alongside a current member of ENB … I have done the class and it’s a really good workout.. I suggest you do all the centre exercises twice through.

Senior Ballet students… I would like you to record yourselves performing the adage this week and forward it to me through the Tozer email.. I will be asking you to record a specified piece of work each week over the coming weeks, which I will give feedback on through a Zoom platform.. I will be in touch with details of when this will happen early next week. So get practicing, work safely and responsibly and send recordings by next Thursday please…

Remember our training hasn’t  stopped!! … We just accommodate and adapt..

Thinking of you all !!!

Mrs B 🩰