Tozer update on a phased re-opening

I am very pleased to share that during the break we have been looking at ways to continue the Tozer training in a positive and safe way for all our students. We will be doing a slow and controlled re-opening of the school and some lessons over the next 4 weeks. We are extremely lucky and privileged that Tozer Studios is located on private, secluded land and that we are able put into place and control all safety measures. I am extremely grateful and appreciative that The Lynn family are so willing to help us in getting the school back up and running!

Phase 1

Phase one of re-opening the school will be to invite and open up the studios for 1-2-1 lessons. This will go ahead from next Monday with the current online students. Hopefully if there is availability on the schedule we can offer slots to more students. (Any current 1-2-1 students who are isolating or shielding will still have the option of online 1-2-1 lessons, but at a different time slot to their current one). Most 1-2-1 lessons from next Monday will be scheduled for after school hours as some students will be returning to school or are participating with online school work during the day. If all goes well after this time and with constant reviewing of the situation we will be able to move onto the next phase.

Phase 2

From the first week in July phase two will be to offer small classes of four students at a time in studio one, with 1-2-1 classes continuing in Studio two. Exam students who were due to take a Modern and Tap exam in May will possibly be brought back first as we have another session booked for beginning of August – all subject to how the country continues to react to the easing lockdown.

Keeping everyone safe

We have looked in depth at several ways of operating the classes with the safety of the students and the staff as our number one priority. We can only do this if we put strict precautions in place and everyone adheres to them. A full risk assessment will be available to each parent and student to read before we open the school and photos of the studios with marked floors and social distancing measures in place will be emailed out. This is all being addressed and will be ready for next Monday. Everyone will be made aware of all the safety measures before deciding whether they would like to return to any of their classes.

Private vocal lessons will continue online with Sarah for the next 6 weeks with the prospect of some group vocal classes, via Zoom starting soon across all age groups. Sarah will continue to isolate at home due to her pregnancy. More details of these group classes will become available shortly when the timetable allows us to operate them. 

Looking forward

I know after communicating with lots of students and their parents it is time to look forward to trying to get some normality back in small doses. We would also love to see and teach everyone in some capacity before much longer. We plan on continuing our term into August with a view to trying to catch up on exam work and providing a positive outlet to the students in whatever safe capacity we can.

If you have any questions about any of this please email in and we can work together on this. More information will be provided through via email so please look out for them or access them on the Tozer website or Facebook.

Thanks for your support.

Miss Haynes