Some reminders and information

A huge thank you to everyone who attended on Saturday for our re-opening of the school. It was wonderful to see so many students return and enjoying their dance lessons. We had some new students too who we were delighted to welcome for their taster sessions. Most students took to our new way of working extremely well.

We did had a few students who did not have face coverings which we were able to help out with, but please make sure your child has their own face covering for all changing rooms and communal areas. These should be washed when returning home.

Can we please also urge students to bring minimal personal items and have their plastic bucket as a way of keeping their personal shoes and items kept safely together.

We have had very positive feedback from parents showing their appreciation and kind words telling us how organised and safe we have been able to make our school. This is down to team work and pulling together, so long may it continue and we can provide the students with the classes they love to be part of.

Non-attendance due to illness or self-isolation
Please email [email protected] at your earliest convenience to advise if your child will be absent. This should also be the line of communication for all enquiries for Miss Haynes or any member of staff.

Pointe Class
Mrs Burnett would like to open up our beginners Pointe class to all students who are in Grade 5 syllabus Ballet classes. The beginners’ class will prepare students for going onto pointe and furthering their classical ballet development. This is an additional class and charged accordingly. It will be on a Friday at 8.15-9pm after the Grade 5 Ballet class.

Note- From next week this Pointe class will swap times with the current Inter/Advanced Pointe class advertised on the timetable. The Inter/Advanced Pointe class will move to the Monday slot of 7.30pm.

Please let Julie know if your child wishes to take up a place in this class as soon as possible. Due to Covid-19 class size restrictions in place we have limited availability.

Private Lessons
Thank you to parents who have booked their child or children for private coaching. Due to the Modern and Tap exams these lessons will start week beginning 5th October. Individual correspondence will be sent to those involved.

New website
We have launched a new look website today! All news, class dates and timetables, uniform info, policies etc are found here. Please have a look at – we hope you like it!

We look forward to seeing more students back this week.

Follow the guidelines and be safe!

Miss Haynes