Important – Guidelines must be followed

Thank you to the majority of students and parents for following the Covid-19 guidelines for our school.

Unfortunately, after all the emails sent out and guidelines to adhere to, last night we still had students who arrived without facial coverings and/or no Ballet/Jazz shoes to wear in the studio. We only have a small supply of shoes to use as a last resort and teachers do not have the time to be finding shoes for students who have not checked whether their shoes fit them prior to the new term.

Please do not send your child to the studios without the necessary equipment – it’s not fair on the rest who are following all the regulations.

If your child has no shoes or facial coverings for the communal areas, they will be sent back to parents in the car park.
It is a real shame I have to send out negative messages, but we must all do our best to stop the spread of the virus and keep the school open.

Thank you

Miss Haynes