Exam updates and important reminders

Well done to all the students who took Modern and Tap exams on Wednesday! We had a very safe and successful exam day with 100% attendance. The examiner was highly impressed with all the regulations in place and how the work was presented with discipline and professionalism. This was great feedback for us and highly reassuring that we continue to keep up our standard, reputation and expectations. Thank you to all the staff and parents for making this happen during the uncertain times of the pandemic.

Mrs Soule has photos of some of the students from the exam day, if you would like her to send copies on just let us know.

All students who took exams now move up with immediate effect to their next grade.

Please refer to the following – applicable if you took an exam this week:

  • Primary Tap move to Grade 1 Tap, Saturday at 11.15pm
  • Grade 1 Modern move to Grade 2 Modern, Saturday at 12.00pm
  • Grade 2 Modern move to Grade 3 Modern
    • Boys – Wednesday at 5.30pm
    • Girls – Wednesday at 6.15pm
  • Grade 2 Tap move to Grade 3 Tap, Monday at 6.45pm
  • Grade 3 Tap move to Grade 4 Tap, Monday at 5.15pm
  • Grade 4 Tap move to Grade 5 Tap, Monday at 6.00pm
  • Grade 5 Modern move to Grade 6 Modern, Monday at 8.15pm
  • Grade 6 Modern move to Inter Foundation, Friday at 8.15pm


I would like to highlight the safety of our students as they leave classes. Once the students are dismissed from their classes and the changing areas, their safety becomes the responsibility of whoever is collecting them. We very much appreciate all our parents who are parking safely in the car park.

In order to keep the students as safe as possible please keep the speed well down when leaving the car park and please look out for children crossing to meet their parents as they approach the car park especially with the darker nights approaching. It is crucial we remain extra vigilant to keep our children safe when cars are moving from the premises.

Thank you for your help with this.


We are extremely grateful to you all for adhering to our Covid-19 guidelines. This must continue in order to stop the spread and prevent school closure. Please remain aware of all the regulations whilst on site-refer to the website for our risk assessment and guidelines as a reminder. Copies are on our website here.

Facial coverings must be worn in all communal areas, please encourage students to apply them as they leave the car and wash hands efficiently before arriving at the studios.

Jazz Shoes

Some students have been wearing socks for Jazz/Modern lessons, this is not appropriate and we must insist on Jazz shoes (ideally) or Ballet shoes for Modern and Jazz classes.

The school continues to thrive and we know this is down to a team effort from our staff, parents and students all working together.

Thank you for your continued support

Stay well

Miss Haynes