Ballet and Limbering info, and face to face classes resuming 2 December

Good news!
We are able to reopen the studios with all Covid safety guidelines in place from Wednesday 2nd December. All classes will resume face-to face on Wednesday with the same timetable as before lockdown 2. It will be lovely to continue our last two weeks of term in the studios with Christmas themed festivities for our students.

We are unable to have our usual parent participation this year on the last day of term, but we are hoping to make some video recordings to pass onto parents as a keepsake. If you do not wish to have your child filmed please let us know by email.

We would like to emphasise we must continue to use face coverings on site, social distancing, suitable footwear for each class and the use of hand sanitising regularly to prevent the spread of the virus. So far we have had no cases at the studios and we would like to continue in this way until we can resume to some normality.

Please talk through with your children and teenagers the importance of following the guidelines whilst at the studios as they have had a month away. We appreciate your support going forward to make the next few weeks and beyond secure for all our students and their families.

Limbering Classes
Can all students please make sure they have a yoga mat to use during the lesson.

Also, ankle weights (1kg), yoga blocks and elastic resistant bands will be used going forward which may be a good idea for Christmas stocking presents for those who do not own any at the moment.

For students who took part in online limbering classes, please bring cash in a named envelope for those classes.
• £25 for Inter limbering 4 online lessons + Sat 5th Dec
• £20 for Junior and Senior 3 online lessons + Weds 2nd Dec

Mrs Soule’s Pre-school Ballet class tomorrow

Online Pre-Primary ballet class at 9am will be conducted by Mrs Burnett as usual (last week was a one off)

Online Pre-school ballet class at 9am will be conducted by Mrs Soule as normal. This week we will be looking at the Nutcracker character in the story and so below is a template for a crown if the children would like to wear it. In addition, if the children could find something to act as a drum it would be very helpful; anything from a Tupperware box, yoghurt pot, plastic beaker, something they can hold and tap as a drum.

Thank you to everyone for your efforts in continuing with our remote lessons during the lockdown period. We look forward to seeing as many students as possible face-to-face before our Christmas break. Term finishes after classes on Saturday 12th December.

Stay well and safe