Update and info about classes from tonight

A huge thank you to all students attending our online Zoom lessons last night. We were delighted with the discipline, enthusiasm & resilience shown from all the students.

It certainly has inspired us to push through this next term and keep up the moral of the students who obviously have such commitment and love for their performing arts.

The support from parents via emails and messages has also been overwhelmingly kind during this difficult period and we all wish everyone a safe and healthy time ahead.

As announced last night we have been put back into national lockdown which will last for a while, but we will still endeavour to push on with all lessons online and plan accordingly.

Please encourage your children to follow our themed tasks each week as mentioned in our previous email at the weekend. This week is our rainbow week – we look forward to seeing pictures, drawings, etc displayed in your ‘home studios’.

Music Theatre Exams
When we have clarification from LCM regarding alternatives to the exams due to take place this month, I will pass on the details as soon as possible.

Group Vocals
Please find below the worksheets for the group vocal lessons which resume tonight.

• Everyone – ‘Somewhere out there’
• Junior B/Inter A – ‘My House’
• Seniors will be workshopping with Ben this evening

If all fees could be submitted on receipt of invoice this would be a welcomed help to the staff.
Any queries please do email, and we will try and help.

Stay well and safe