Classes resume 4 January

Happy New Year!

I hope you have all managed to enjoy some lovely festive time together and are all well.

Due to the Tier 4 restrictions we are unable to open the studios at present, however thanks to modern technology we can continue all the good work online via zoom once again.
We resume all classes tomorrow 4th January and will continue with renewed New Year spirit to be there for our valued students as we all negotiate this difficult period of time.
We hope to be back in the studios as soon as possible and we will update everyone as the restrictions are reviewed in a few weeks.

The timetable will remain the same as before with a slight alteration to the Tuesday Inter B Jazz class which will now be combined with Inter B Jazz class on a Wednesday at
6.15pm -7.00pm whilst on Zoom.
Senior Jazz will be at 7.00pm followed by limbering at 8.00pm.
To view the updated timetable please click here.

Please look over our policy for the online Zoom lessons before classes resume. Click here to read more. Our main concern is to keep the students safe whilst at home and that they all have a suitable safe space to dance in without interruption or distraction.
Suitable uniform for each class is expected and no hoodies or sweatshirts.
Hair should be appropriately groomed for all dance classes.
Please help us to remain a well disciplined school at all times.

Weekly themes on Zoom
Each week we will have a theme for the students to take part in if they wish to.
Our first week will be as many students as possible taking part in having a picture of a rainbow displayed somewhere in their practise room.
Have fun drawing, painting or print off a rainbow picture of your choice to display.
We hope to see as many rainbows of hope as possible during our zoom lessons.

The zoom details for all teachers are as before and are listed below.

Miss Haynes
ID meeting no: 857 494 3501
Password: 5678

Mrs Burnett
ID Meeting no: 373 795 8036
Password: Dancer1

Mrs Soule
ID Meeting no: 627 825 7932
Password: tozerbabes

Miss Unitt
ID Meeting no: 415 226 6316
Password: jazzhands

ID Meeting no: 875 8233 6407
Password: MakeSense

Ben Cahn
ID Meeting no: 321 561 7507
Password: singout

We will endeavour to pick up speed and work towards examinations in Classical Ballet, Modern and Tap this term as planned. However we plan to submit these as recorded exams because face to face sessions with examiners are not possible with the current restrictions in place.
Our planned Music Theatre exams will still go ahead on 26th January and we will review how the exams will be worked after we hear back from the LCM examining board.
Please continue to encourage your child to practise their exam work and further private lessons can be arranged if required.
Please email in if you wish to book a private Music Theatre session with Miss Haynes.

If you have any queries please email via Julie ([email protected]) and we will endeavour to help.

We are so looking forward to welcoming back all our students online – both old and new ones!

Thank you all once again to all parents for supporting the school, we could not get through this without you!

Stay safe and well.

Miss Haynes