Reopening of studios tomorrow! 

I hope you are all well and are enjoying the Easter Break.
Great news our studios re-open tomorrow!

We are all very much looking forward to welcoming everyone back for face to face lessons for our summer term. The timetable remains the same as before and we will continue, as you would expect, to be vigilant with Covid safety everywhere on site.
All precautions remain with social distancing, masks to be worn everywhere except the studio space when dancing and hand sanitising before and after classes. Please remember your masks and use as soon as you leave the car.
All secondary school pupils are participating in lateral flow tests and confirmation of their results must be made available if required by a member of staff.
The toilets will be open to use and will be cleaned regularly throughout. Hand washing after use is also expected.
The changing rooms will be open for students to access if they need to stay between classes.
We do understand that if parents still wish to collect their children between classes they can.
For those who stay please note that we will expect the students to sit quietly socially distanced and occupied with suitable devices, books etc..staff will be teaching so the students will not be supervised all the time. Masks to be worn inside the changing rooms at all times.
If weather permits, then as far as possible we will encourage students to sit outside on the seats provided.
Vocal Lessons
ALL vocal lessons will remain online until Ben has received his vaccine. We will notify you when he has received it and then plan accordingly.
Modern, Tap and Ballet Exams
Applications have been made for Modern/Tap and Ballet exams for this term.
Obviously we have had a very disruptive year and exams have been put back and we need to catch up, which will take time.
Only those students who know the syllabus and have reached the required standard for the exams will be entered for the upcoming exam dates. Eventually we will get back on track whereby all students will gain their examinations.
We ask for your patience as this rolls out. There are lots of students to work with and the examination standards continue to rise!
Leaver’s Showcase 17 and 18 July 
We have a number of students graduating this summer onto further education and we will be celebrating with a showcase at the end of term.
Showcase dates are Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July.
We hope to host the showcases with a small live audience, but if we need to move to recorded or live stream we will!
This will be reviewed as we move through the term and the Covid situation.
Tozer Show 2022 – put the dates in your diary now!
I am delighted to announce our TOZER SHOW dates for 2022.
Our show dates at Mansfield Palace Theatre are Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May 2022.
Please put these dates into your diary now.
Please also note that Easter falls late next year so the 2 week Easter holidays will involve show rehearsals (Easter weekend will remain a holiday). More details will follow.
We ask that all students follow our uniform policy and appropriate groomed hairstyles adhered to at all times during class.
We have some new items to advertise along with our Tozer hoodies. These include Tozer t-shirts, joggers and hot pant shorts.
More information, pictures and order forms will be sent out very soon. Watch this space!
Here’s to a happy, safe return to face to face lessons!
Stay well and safe.

Miss Haynes