Important information about the week ahead

I hope you are all well.

Please read the following carefully:

  • To dispel any confusion regarding classes, until the end of term which is next weekend, the studios are open to all those not isolating from school, and classes will be held face to face.
    Last week we held them online so we could proceed with the postponed exam day last Friday.
  • For all those having to isolate from a potential Covid contact at school, they have the opportunity to participate in classes online via Zoom.
  • At the studios to protect any transmission to others and staff we expect all students over age 7 to wear masks at all times whilst on site and this includes in the studios.
    The changing rooms are only to be used in bad weather. Please let us know if your child is exempt from mask wearing.

Exams 22nd July

  • As of today the exam session on 22nd July can still go ahead, but anyone sent home from school from tomorrow onwards will not be out of isolation in time for the exam session and would therefore have to withdraw from the exams on that day.
  • If we have too many students having to withdraw because of isolating, the exam session cannot go ahead and will be postponed until next term.
  • I will update you as the week progresses on this.
  • Modern and Tap Exam coaching will continue this week and the week beginning 19th July for those taking exams on 22nd July.
  • Because of the disruption a revised exam coaching timetable for the week beginning 19th July will be posted this week to accommodate more coaching on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the exam day on the Thursday.

Leaver’s Showcase

  • We have a number of students graduating from Tozer Studios next week who have been with us for many years and hold a special place in our hearts.
  • We would like to hopefully celebrate their time at Tozer so we still plan to record the showcase on Saturday and Sunday next weekend.
  • A timetable will be advertised during the week for bubbles of classes to attend the studios for filming.
  • Parents of the students who are graduating are invited to watch their children during the filming.
  • Details of times TBC.
  • However, if we have too many students off this week for rehearsals or the filming then it will be impossible to proceed.

Please note
End of term is next Saturday after classes for all those not involved in the Leaver’s showcase, and Sunday for those involved in the Leaver’s showcase after we finish filming.

Have a good week.