Tonight, Exam Coaching and Leaver’s Showcase Info

Exam coaching for the 22nd July exams continues this evening.
• 4.30-5.15 Primary modern – Studio 1
• 4.30-5.15 Primary Tap added this week with Mrs Burnett – Studio 2
• 5.15-6.00 Grade 2 Tap
• 6.00-6.45 Grade 3 Modern set 1
• 6.45-7.30 Grade 3 Modern Set 2
• 7.30-8.30 Grade 4 Modern

Exam Coaching – w/c 19th July

MONDAY 19th July

Studio 1
4.30-5.30 Grade 5 Modern
5.30-6.15 Grade 2 Tap
6.15-7.00 Grade 3 Modern – Set 1
7.00-7.45 Grade 3 Modern – Set 2
7.45-8.45 Grade 4 Modern

Studio 2
4.30-5.15 Primary Tap

TUESDAY 20th July

Studio 1
4.30-5.15 Primary Modern
5.15-6.00 Grade 2 Tap
6.00-6.45 Grade 3 Modern- set 1
6.45-7.30 Grade 3 Modern- set 2
7.30-8.30 Grade 4 Modern

Studio 2
4.15-5.15 Grade 5 Modern


Studio 1
4.30-5.30 Grade 5 Modern
5.30-6.15 Grade 2 Tap
6.15-7.00 Grade 3 Modern-set 1
7.00-7.45 Grade 3 Modern-set 2
7.45-8.45 Grade 4 Modern

Studio 2
4.30 – 5.15 Primary Tap

Exams Thursday 22nd July

The exam timetable has just been approved and will be up to view on the notice board.

Leaver’s showcase 17th/18th July
Please read the following carefully:

• We will go ahead and film all the work prepared for the showcase this weekend.
• The number of students on site for each piece are kept to small bubbles.
• It will be filmed and edited professionally ready for viewing as soon as possible after this weekend.
• Below are the times the students need to be at the studio for a quick rehearsal and filming of their number
• Please arrive 5 minutes ready to start in appropriate uniform/costume and hair and make up already done and wait outside on the lawn area.
• Make-up for older students
• Masks to be worn
• Changing rooms are not in use

Classes will go ahead as normal until 2pm on Saturday

Due to absences, the Junior jazz class will not be included into the showcase this time.

SATURDAY 17th July
Filming for showcase begins at 2.15pm

• 2.15-3.00pm Inter A & B Jazz
• 3.00-3.30pm Solo numbers (individuals will be contacted)
• 3.30-4.15pm Junior Street dance
• 4.30-5.15pm Senior Street dance
• 5.15 -6.00pm Street Crew
• 6.15-6.45pm Senior Jazz

SUNDAY 18th July

• 10.30-11.15am Grade 4 Ballet class
• 11.15-11.30am Grade 2 Tap Class- those performing the exam dance
• 11.30 -12.00pm Grade 3 Ballet class
• 12.15-12.30pm Junior/inter A vocal -‘Time of your life’- (Filming outside)
• 12.30-1.00pm Inter B vocal -‘We are Strong’ (Filming outside)
• 1.00-1.45pm Grade 5 Ballet
• 1.45-2.15pm Grade 4 Modern exam dances + Grade 3 Modern Boys exam dance
• 2.30-3.00pm Solo’s
• 3.00-3.20pm Senior vocal class-‘Girl band’
• 3.30-4.15pm Grade 6 Ballet class
• 4.15-5.30pm Grade 8 Ballet
• Inter/Adv.1 Modern, Adv.1 Tap


Smart Exam/Class uniform with hair in a ‘slick’ bun at the back of the head or a low bun for seniors.

Black any style leotard with black dance tights
Any bright coloured small summer scarf to wear around the neck
Black Jazz shoes

Any colour and style Jazz leotard with black dance tights, black Jazz shoes

Any bright coloured plain t-shirt and black leggings, black trainers or black Jazz shoes

Bright coloured or patterned/floral Playsuit or summer dress (above the knee)
Or shorts and top (not denim)
Suitable summer shoes to match

Black exam uniform

Seniors Modern- same as Jazz class

Black any style leotard, Black dance tights (Grade 2 can borrow black and red skirts from school)
Black socks and Black tap shoes

Grey plain t-shirt and plain black Joggers, Black Sneakers/Trainers

‘Glam’ top and black joggers, Black Sneakers/Trainers

Plain Black joggers, white or light grey plain t-shirt, black sneakers/trainers

All the students have adapted brilliantly this week and I hope we have a happy weekend ahead with some fantastic performances.