This week’s news update and important info – 11 March

The show is starting to come together and the students are working with enthusiasm and excitement which is great!
Thank you to all parents and students for the support and attendance this week – amazing!

Cake and Second hand uniform sale
Tomorrow from 10.30am you will be able to purchase some lovely cakes and buy any second hand uniform your child may need.
Everyone has been busy working and showing off their ‘Bake off’ skills to provide some delicious cakes to sell.
Please support when you drop off or collect your children tomorrow morning.
A big thank you to Mrs Soule and Esther Lynn for their time in helping with the sale.

‘Shout out’
Once a week until the show I would like to give a shout out and acknowledgement to a particular class or person who has gone the extra mile or achieved something which is worthy of a mention to everyone.
(Or if anyone wants to nominate someone please email me with the details).
This week it has to be the Junior Vocal class who showed great team work and enthusiasm in their rehearsal on Wednesday.
They are such fun and a pleasure to teach!
Miss Sophia Soule is included in this too as she brings such energy to the rehearsal.
Well done!

Costume prices

The costume deliveries are well under way and hopefully most will be ready for handout day.
Click here to view the Show Costume Price list 2022 – these are the costume prices the school has so far sourced and had delivered.
It continues to be a huge headache trying to source appropriate costumes with the increases in delivery charges and extra costs the costume suppliers are now passing onto consumers.
We are definitely in a different world than our previous show experiences.
All costs are in line with what the school has paid out, with delivery charges evenly spread across each item.
The retail costs for some of the costumes I have managed to get discounts on which have been passed straight to parents.
More information will be given over the next few weeks regarding tights, shoes and any accessories which need to be sourced by parents. This will be kept to a minimum as we have tried to supply most of the costume.
Please remember that everyone has paid a Costume deposit and this will be taken off the total invoice.

Ballet shoes
One of our parents has mentioned that we maybe able to persuade one of the dancewear shops to come to the studio and size up and fit students for ballet shoes for the show.
I will update you on this as soon as I have confirmation.

Class uniform
We always want to keep the standards of the school consistently high, so please can I remind everyone to make sure hair and uniform rules are adhered to for class. Lost or no ballet shoes, no tap shoes for class is not acceptable.
Hoodies can be worn for warming up only and hair must be tied neatly back (bun for ballet) for all classes.
Please encourage and mention these standards to your children.

Audition opportunity for Professional production of ‘Identical’ the musical
On Sunday at the Playhouse Theatre in Nottingham there are auditions for girls for roles in the ensemble of ‘Identical’ the musical (Based on the film ‘Parent Trap’)
The assistant choreographer from BBC 1’s Strictly Come dancing is auditioning girls 5ft 1 and under, ages 9-13 with good dance and group singing ability.
Time slot 2.30-4.30pm
This is an amazing opportunity for our students.
Please email me ASAP for more details, these auditions and opportunities do not come around very often locally so have a go!
No cost involved only travel to Nottingham.

As always please get in touch with a respectful email if you need to ask or clarify anything.

Have a great weekend!

Costume Prices
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