Weekly news update and important info – 25 March

Thank you to all students this week during rehearsals with their commitment and enthusiasm.
We are now into the last part of the show rehearsal period at the studio with only 4 Saturdays left!
We now embark on the busiest period with pulling everything together.
Please keep absences to an absolute minimum if possible as this impacts on everyone in the show.

Tomorrow – Saturday 26th March

This is our last official Saturday of term so all rehearsals/lessons from next Saturday (2nd April) are charged at £3 per person per rehearsal as stated in our previous email dated 3rd March.
Please bring your fees with you in a named envelope to help with our accounts.
A member of staff will be on hand at the door of the studio to collect envelopes at the start of rehearsals.
Please send your child with their payment so that the studio and changing area is not crowded with parents.
Parents of Pre-school/Pre-primary pupils are the exception to this and can arrive with their children and pay.

• 1 rehearsal pp per day £3
• 2 rehearsals pp per day £6
• 3 rehearsals pp per day £9
• 4 or more rehearsals pp per day £10

If you have missed or deleted any emails and updates they can all be accessed from our Tozer website under the News tab.

Reminder – Dates for your diary
• Saturday 2nd to 13th April – rehearsals continue beyond school term.

• Sunday 3rd April 10-2pm Studio 1 – Costume Hand out Day

• Sunday 3rd April 2.30pm – Chaperone Meeting

• Monday 4th to 9th April – rehearsals continue

• Sunday 10th April – Hardings Dancewear ‘pop up shop’ in Studio 1 from 9.30am. Note: Please provide details via email if you intend to purchase shoes, tights etc. as per last week’s email.

• Monday 11th – 13th April – rehearsals in costumes – see more details below.

• Thursday 14th – 18th April – Easter break

• Tuesday 19th April – rehearsals resume until the show

During these rehearsals we will require everyone to bring costumes with them and rehearse in them.
If there is a repeat rehearsal we will only need costumes in the for the first rehearsal that week.
For example:
Monday 11th April and Wednesday 13th April are the same rehearsal times, so costumes are required on Monday 11th and not again on 13th April unless otherwise advised.
Any costumes not seen will be required the following week after the Easter break. These will be:
• ‘Flavour of Riverdance’ – Grade 3/4 Modern
• Finale
• ‘Kill me with kindness’ – Grade 5 Modern

Costume Payments
Invoices for costumes will be handed out this weekend.
Most of them are finalised.
Please transfer funds to the Show Account preferably before the hand out day on the 3rd April for ease on that day.

Sort Code 20-50-21
Account Number 10501948
Ref: Child’s name

Thank you to parents who have already paid.

Please note – Street-dance costumes have not been sourced yet so payment for these will be required at a later date.

This has been a mammoth task and hours of work so your co-operation in advance is much appreciated.

Shout out
This week’s shout out goes to all the students who were present on Tuesday night in rehearsals.
We had a very productive Musical Theatre rehearsal with everyone being engaged, really focused and all had a great attitude!
Thank you students, well done and keep it up!

Lost uniform
Daisy Lynn has lost her Tozer logo joggers.
Please will everyone check to see that they haven’t accidently picked them up and let us know.
We have numerous items of lost property unnamed which makes it very difficult to know who the items belong to, so please name your child’s dancewear and shoes!


Please get in touch with a respectful email if you have any queries.
Miss Haynes